How Do We Mill Consistent Diameter Logs?

Our Milled Log Homes are made with logs that have a consistent diameter. This means if the customer wants 10 inch logs, all the logs, on both ends, are 10 inches. The taper in the tree is removed so the logs are uniform and stack easily together. Folks ask us how we do this and we are happy to explain.


The art of removing the taper starts with a process called canting. This is where we “square up” the logs and cut 4 flat sides. There are some small rounded parts left as a rounded corner but the logs become more like beams. We do this to eliminate the excess material from what would have been the base of the tree to make it more equal to the tip, or top, of the tree. Why is this important for us? Our patented lathe technology turns around the log, the log does not turn on spindles as a traditional lathe would require. The elimination of the excess wood allows us to manufacture the consistent diameter logs quickly and with less stress on the equipment. Because we are now producing our own cants in Montana we employ several workers here in the United States. We also don’t have to import pre-canted wood from Canada thus creating a savings that allows us to keep our prices reasonable.


Our specialty mill can produce consistent diameter logs from 7 inches all the way up to 24 inches in diameter. Additionally, we offer a Long Log Advantage because we aren’t limited by spindle ends but by the size of raw material available. We can go up to 60 feet in length. By using these long logs, builders don’t have to butt two logs together to make a wall – the log spans the distance. Why is this important? Because it creates a stronger, more energy efficient wall that happens to look beautiful too!

Consistent diameter logs are strong, beautiful and easy to stack. By taking a log from round to square and back to round we created jobs, keep costs in line and provide a beautiful product for our customers. We supply log home packages and wholesale logs as requested. What can we mill for you?


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