All of these words describe Timber Frame Construction.

The use of heavy timbers in framing and truss work harkens back to the days when the Colonists arrived in North America and the pioneers pushed westward. You can still visit the massive Timber Framed lodges built by the Railroads as they laid tracks to the Pacific Ocean, especially in Glacier National Park right here in Montana.

Timber Frame homes offer the ability to have open floor plans, amazing trusses in entryways, great rooms and throughout the structure. They can be insulated easily, doors and window placement simplified and interior finishes are plentiful. With this flexibility comes beauty as well. The natural element added by using timbers instead of, or in conjunction with, stick frame construction creates a warm, sophisticated feel to the spaces. The trusses and beams can be customized with carvings or finial details as desired.

New modernization of the tools used to saw timbers, create the joinery sections and preassemble the pieces are allowing our craftsmen to create the Old-World type structural integrity in a fraction of the time it used to take. Hardwood pegs sourced in New England are typical and stand the test of time. We can construct full Timber Frame Home packages, custom Timber Trusses, Post and Beam Construction and Custom Timbers in various lengths, widths, and finish profiles. Each project is custom designed and crafted. 

~ Handcrafted Log Homes & Timber Frame Log Homes. ~
Over 30 years of experience providing and producing custom full log, hand-crafted log, and timber frame homes.

Crafting homes that last for generations!

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