Why Our LOG PACKAGES Set The Industry Standard!

The term “Log Package” can mean many things, depending on which log home company you speak with. Some offer a la carte items. Others offer more amenities. Here at Montana Custom Log Homes, Inc., we strive to ensure that we offer every customer the most complete, easily understood Log package available.

Our Milled Log Package

Our Milled Log Packages include all of the following items:

  • Full-Length Logs from 7” to 24” in diameter and up to 60’ in length
  • Wall logs
  • Second-floor Joists, Post & Beams (if applicable)
  • Full Log Gable Ends
  • Full Log Dormers
  • Log Stairs (if applicable)
  • Lag Bolts & Washers
  • Insulation Strip for in-between each horizontal Course in the Walls
  • Perma Chink Energy Seal Caulking for the stack and one side of the home once finished.
  • As needed: Full set of Construction Drawings that include floor plans, elevations, foundation plans, basic electrical plan to local code, floor framing, roof framing & sections with connection details.
  • Shop drawings (Cuts & Stacks) – each log is labeled and identified on a stack sheet for ease of construction.
  • All prices are F.O.B. Victor, MT

Additional Options

We also have additional options to ensure your new home is perfect.

  • 2×6 Select deck T&G decking
  • Log Siding
  • Log Railing
  • Decorative Raw Log Posts
  • Shipping
  • Engineering (if applicable in your area)
  • Log Stain

It’s quite a list, and we’d love to tell you why we are so meticulous about ensuring everything is perfect! The full-length logs are so important because our packages have NO BUTT JOINTS, ever! Butt joints can cause openings and allow bugs and weather to enter your home, and the walls are not as strong because the logs are broken up with butt joints. Our walls are the strongest and are considered the most beautiful because there are NO GAP JOINTS in the logs anywhere – just beautiful wood.

Bundled and ready to ship

Our milled logs have a groove machined into them inside the Swedish cope so that the insulation strip fits snugly and ensures that any air seepage is minimized to the maximum amount possible. The lag bolts and washers aid in this, and the logs are snugged together for the tightest fit. So the combination of dry full-length logs, a Swedish cope, and an insulation strip combined with lagging creates the tightest, best-fitting log home on the market today. So whether you live where it’s hot or where it gets cold, you will enjoy a log home that keeps you comfortable no matter the weather!


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