Crafting Homes That Last For Generations ...


Versatility – We specialize in distinct types of log construction to meet your design choices in detail & craftsmanship:

*Timber Frame

Design & Engineering assistance – We work closely with your architect and/or builder to ensure no detail is overlooked. If engineering is required, we will connect you with one in our network of trusted professionals.

Plans – Build from one of our plans or bring your own. From the grandest idea to the simplest plan, no matter the size of your dream and budget, we work with you to achieve it.

Green – Build with the knowledge that your log home is more kind to the environment. Our conservation and green building techniques ensure we use only naturally seasoned dead standing Lodgepole Pine or Spruce and can use Douglas fir. This minimizes settling and contributes to a healthier forest.

Milled Log Homes

Let us use our Long Log Advantage to create your Custom Manufactured Milled Log Home or Log Cabin!
Using our Long Log Advantage technology, we are able to manufacture full length logs for your walls and gables.

Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame construction, whether Old-World style or the newly popular steel joinery, adds a natural element and character that differs from log construction.
Timber Frame homes offer the ability to have open floor plans, amazing trusses in entryways, great rooms and throughout the structure.

Hand Crafted Log Homes

Custom Log Homes, our Award Winning Hand Craft Division, is staffed by the finest artisans that the Bitterroot Valley has to offer.
Our Hand Crafted homes are custom designed, either by the client or their architect, to reflect the personality of its owner, and is a true work of art.
~ Milled Log Homes, Handcrafted Log Homes & Timber Frame Homes ~
Over 30 years of experience providing and producing custom full log, hand-crafted log, and timber frame homes