Happy Spring 2019!

Happy Spring, everyone!

We are gearing up for construction seasons across the country and wanted to reach out to all our architects, builders, and homeowners in preparation for this busy time. Our shops have been operational this past winter, with several homes in final production for their March and April deliveries.

The “Long Log Advantage” is in full production, offering full length up to 60 feet long and 8 to 24-inch consistent diameter milled logs. This creates stronger walls and beautiful purlins. It is provided in Western Red Cedar, Spruce, and Lodge Pole Pine. We can leave the naturally milled surface or hand peel it to a rustic, custom finish. The Western Red Cedar supplies are becoming more limited, so time is of the essence if your client wishes their home to be built with dry, dead-standing Western Red Cedar. Once it’s gone, we may not see another source of this premium wood for some time.

Western Red Cedar



Our handcrafters have been busy completing projects for the Bahamas islands to be erected before the summer travel season. With geometric shapes spanning 60 feet in diameter, they happily craft one-of-a-kind roof systems and other specialty trusses. The popularity of dovetail construction resurgence has added to their fun, and they are currently clearing a pad to begin constructing another beautiful home soon. Now is the time to submit plans or begin drawing so your project can be next!

Captain’s Jack Wing Bar

Timber Frame

The timber frame shop has been creating specialty timbers for new construction in the Midwest and remodeling construction here in the Bitterroot Valley. With 6,000 square feet of workspace, the timber frame craftsmen are ready to work for you. We do everything from beautiful mantles and custom timber trusses to specialty adzing and other types of timber aging. Email or call to have your project started today!

Custom mantle timber

Thanks for keeping us in mind for your next project. We look forward to crafting your clients’ homes or structures. What can we craft for you?

Crafting Homes that last generations……………..


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