A Greener Way to Build

Why log homes are considered a “Greener way to build.”

Being “Green”  or environmentally conscious and building a new home doesn’t sound like they go hand in hand but the truth is, they can, especially when you factor in building a Log Home.  Being “green” when building takes into account your lot design, preparation and development, resource efficiency (building materials), energy efficiency, water efficiency and lastly, maintenance of the structure in the long term. You must consider the impact your building project has on the environment as a whole and choose materials and methods that leave a smaller imprint, meaning even considering reducing the use of fossil fuels and energy used by choosing items that are produced with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Using Logs as the majority of your building materials creates a huge advantageous jump on your “green” score as determined by the National Green Building Standard.

Log homes meet several criteria for being “green.” They are created from fundamentally renewable resources, typically from fire or beetle killed timber. Processing the timber for log components requires less energy and less labor between their harvest and emplacement on the building site. Combining these facts with the reality that less fasteners are needed to erect a log wall, the surface as finish of logs eliminates excess building material usage so less manufactured metal usage means that less energy was expended creating your dream log home. This is very environmentally responsible aka “a greener way to build.”

All of the wood we use to construct our Manufactured Milled and Hand Crafted Log Homes are dry, dead-standing trees. We buy from logging sales that are thinning these trees for forest fire reduction and overall forest health. By removing these trees we help eliminate the fuel source for devastating forest fires that pollute our air and kill the wildlife and it creates space for new, healthy trees to grow and thrive. Thus, a renewable resource. These trees also create a superior product because they do not shrink like green wood does so you have minimal settling and space issues where logs join because they have already shrunk while standing. Your Log Home from Montana Custom Log Homes, Inc.  has tight joints to ensure maximum heat and cooling retention and little to no way for the outside elements or critters to enter your home.

Because building green is all about energy performance and usage, Log Homes have several distinct advantages. The thermal mass of the logs retains between 6 to 8 times the heat capacity of a traditional stick frame home. This saves money and energy in heating sources. Many design details of traditional log homes also garner extra points on the energy performance scales. Stacking upwards, not outwards, garners points by reducing site disturbance. The key feature of the overhead porches and 12” to 24” roof overhangs add many points because it protects entryways from the weather and protects the walls from moisture. So not only are they beautiful but the functionality of the overhead porch doubles as livable space and contributes to maintaining the “green” status as well.

All of our projects here at Montana Custom Log Homes, Inc. come with detailed plans, material takeoffs and on-site cut lists to assist with assembly. Because this saves the builder time and material waste, you automatically get an additional 4 points on the Energy green scale by using our processes. Our Manufactured, Milled long log advantage packages garner 4 points for not requiring cutting on site and up to another 8 points because most plans include floor and roof framing logs as well.

It has been determined that Log Homes are “competitively energy efficient, durable, and environmentally useful alternative to traditional construction methods” [Log Home Council 2010]. Not only do consumers benefit from saving energy and money but the environment benefits in many ways as well. So contact us today and let’s craft you a home to last for generations. Call 406-642-3091 or email us at art@mtcustomloghomes.com. We can’t wait to make your dream home a reality!


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A Greener Way to Build

Why log homes are considered a “Greener way to build.” Being “Green”  or environmentally conscious and building a new home doesn’t sound like they go...