A milled log home is a type of construction where logs are precisely cut, shaped, and milled to create uniform pieces. These logs are then stacked and fitted together to form the walls and structure of the home. Milled log homes provide a smoother, more modern look than traditional handcrafted log homes. However, they still retain wood’s natural beauty and warmth. 

Our Milled Process 

Using our Long Log Advantage technology, we can utilize full-length logs for your walls and gables. In addition, our advanced milling technology allows us to create logs up to 60 feet long and 24 inches in diameter. This means that your home will be structurally superior to other log products. 

Our philosophy is to build tight. We use responsibly harvested, naturally dried, seasoned, dead-standing Lodge Pole Pine and Engelmann Spruce to do this. This minimizes or eliminates shrinkage issues experienced by other companies. 

Montana Custom logs are hand-selected and graded by our TPI-trained staff for quality. We then turn them on our custom lathe to ensure they are a consistent diameter. Next, we add a groove to our full weight-bearing Swedish cope. Finally, we machine our saddle notches. 


The process creates your Milled Log Home or Cabin. It is structurally superior and beautiful. This dwelling will last for generations, providing enjoyment for friends and family.

Our Logs Are Specific and Labeled 

We label each log before it is shipped. This helps our customers construct or stack with easier installation. We supply log bunks, where each log is labeled in the bunk, and a master tally sheet is provided to builders/stackers to more easily erect the log home of your dreams. 

The Truth About Random Length Log Home Kits 

Some other log home companies advertise “Random Length Log Home Kits” at attractive prices. It often sounds like a great deal initially. 

However, your contractor receives logs of different lengths. Therefore, they must be pieced together to create walls and gables. This leads to unsightly “butt joints,” where logs are “butted together to make up the required lengths. 

As a result, these milled log homes will cost more because they are labor-intensive for your contractor to construct. The homeowner is at a disadvantage from the beginning. 

As the wood in the house ages, it shrinks. This causes the butt joints to widen, creating openings for insects and natural elements to enter. This can be costly to fix, resulting in extra expenses for the homeowner. 

milled log home in Arizona at sunet

Montana Custom Milled Log Homes 

Let our 50 years of combined log home experience help make your dream log home a reality. View our portfolio below for more examples of our work, or contact us through the form below. You can always call us directly at (800) 635-7911. 

Our milled log homes offer two types of finishes – standard smooth milled finish and optional hand-peeled finish. Each log is milled and peeled by hand with a draw knife to achieve this hand-peeled look.


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