Using our Long Log Advantage technology, we are able to utilize full-length logs for your walls and gables. Our ability to take raw logs and mill them into consistent diameter logs up to 60 feet long and 24 inches in diameter means your home will be structurally superior to other types of log products. Most of our competitors are offering “Random Length Log Home Kits” and they advertise these at prices that initially sound like a great deal. What your contractor receives are logs of different lengths that have to be pieced together thus creating walls filled with unsightly “butt joints” – logs “butted” together to make up the lengths needed for the walls and gables. These types of homes end up costing more because they are labor-intensive for your contractor to construct. What the homeowner ends up with is a home compromised from the start because as it ages and the wood naturally shrinks the butt joints will widen, allowing insects and natural elements into the home which in turn costs the homeowner additional monies to remedy.

Our philosophy is to build tight so we start with responsibly harvested naturally dried, seasoned, dead standing Lodge Pole Pine and Engelmann Spruce which minimizes or eliminates the dreaded shrinkage issues practiced by other companies. All our logs are hand-selected, quality graded by the independent inspectors from TPI then turned under our custom lathe to a consistent diameter. We then add a groove in our full weight-bearing Swedish cope and machine our saddle notches for a uniform, tight log-to-log connection. This creates your structurally superior, beautiful  Milled Log Home or Milled Log Cabin that will stand the test of time and can be enjoyed by family and friends for generations to come.

All of our homes are offered in the standard smooth milled finish, or an optional hand peeled finish, where each log is milled and then draw knife peeled for a rustic, hand hewn look.


Crafting homes that last for generations!

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